The Top Kid- Friendly Hotels in Las Vegas

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When most people think of “Las Vegas they think of unlimited amounts of “adult” entertainment, however; Las Vegas also has tons of attractions and activities for kids. While you should stick to staying off the “strip”, there are plenty of kid friendly hotels that go out of their way to cater to children. Below is a list of the best kid friendly hotels Vegas has to offer.

Circus Circus Hotel: The number one kid friendly hotel in Las Vegas has to be Circus Circus. This is the only hotel in Vegas that is strictly for kids, everything revolves around them. Sure Circus Circus has the gambling room for adults, but it also features lots of games for the kids to have fun. We can start off by talking on the big amusement park they have in the hotel, yes an amusement park! The Adventuredome has thrill rides for both kids and adults. The fun doesn’t stop there; Circus Circus also has a full schedule of circus act shows which the kids will love. If your kids are into swimming, Circus Circus has big pool area where you can purchase food and drinks. If that still isn’t enough, try going to The Midway to experience the full room arcade or engage in golf at Walter’s Golf. To top it all off go thru the shopping center Circus Circus has, kids will be able to get lots of hotel themed souvenirs. If the kids get hungry you don’t have to worry about breaking your budget since Circus Circus has many kids meals priced under $6. The friendly hotel staff is very helpful when it comes to answering questions and giving directions.

Location: 2880 S Las Vegas Blvd   Phone: 702-734-0410   Price: ($100 for weekend)

Excalibur Hotel: The King Arthur themed hotel, Excalibur, has tons of fun things to do for the whole family. Excalibur boasts that they’re the “World’s Most Exciting Resort”, so it’s no surprise that they have lots of exciting activities for kids to engage in. While they have less carnival games than Circus Circus, Excalibur also has a huge game room/arcade. Kids are able to play for stuffed animals in the game room by doing simple games. It seems impossible to lose as every child wins numerous stuffed animals. If you look at the atmosphere of Excalibur you’re guaranteed to spot tons of costumed entertainers strolling around. Let the kids take a picture with their favorite cartoon or storybook character. Other attractions like the Drawbridge and Fire breathing dragon add onto the King Arthur theme. If you’re kids are into Sponge Bob take them on the 4D Extreme log ride. When it’s hot out, go to the pool and splash around for hours. The pool size has been doubled due to new features such as the snack bar. For food, The Village Food Court and the Roundtable Buffet are great choices since they have low prices on kid’s meals.

Location: 3850 Las Vegas Blvd    Phone: 1-800-937-7777   Price: ($70-200 a night)

Luxor Hotel: The Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas deserves the title of “One of the best kid friendly hotels”. They push their Egyptian themed hotel pass the limits when it comes to catering to kids. Enjoyable activities such as the “Game of the Gods” arcade are sure to keep the kids attention for hours. If they’re looking to see a movie, take them to the popular IMAX Ridefilm, which is a theater ride with full motion censors on the seats. Prepare yourself for the wacky comedy of the Blue Man group patrolling around the hotel. All is not fun and games at the Luxor though, take a visit to King Tut’s Tomb museum which displays lots of ancient artifacts. If you need any help with anything just ask the information friendly staff.

Location: 3900 S Las Vegas Blvd   Phone: 1-800-851-1703   Price: ($70-200 a night)

MGM Grand Hotel: Despite what many people think about the MGM Grand’s nightlife, the MGM Grand is still one of the best kid friendly hotels. For water fun, their swimming pool area is HUGE! Not only do they have the normal swimming pools but they also have waterfalls, bridges and rivers. While the size of their arcade room doesn’t measure up to that of Circus Circus or Excalibur, the selection of game they do have are great. If you find yourself running out of options for things to do with the kids, just go shopping!

Location: 3799 S Las Vegas Blvd   Phone: 1-877-880-0880   Price: ($100-400 a night)

New York New York Hotel: Based on the re-creation of New York, this hotel has a lot to offer when it comes to kid’s entertainment. The “Manhattan Express” roller coaster ride is just one of many attractions that bring families to this location. A large game room called “Coney Island” seems to be packed with kids of all ages. The pool area may not be as big as the MGM grand but they’ve recently upgraded by building a food and beverage service poolside. If any of your kids are big sports fans, try taking them to the ESPN Zone. In “the zone” kids can experience interactive games, a production studio and an inexpensive souvenir store. Looking for more fun? Head over to the bumper cars and laser tag exhibits to fulfill you need for fun. (Caution: Keep kid’s away from New York New York’s clubs and other nightlife).

Location: 3790 S Las Vegas Blvd   Phone: 702-740-6969    Price: ($80-375)


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