The Powerful Yogi – 2

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“You seem to be in a hurry of going back to Him who sent you!” Exclaimed the leader trying to hide his annoyance.
The yogi very calmly opened his eyes. He was as calm when meditating as calm he was when he saw the ghastly sight of the dacoits armed with guns and other life-taking arms.
     The group leader fired a shot in the air and killed a flying bird above, which fell right in front him. He just wanted to show to the yogi his prowess. But the yogi was cool as a cucumber. He was unmoved at what the chieftain had just done. This annoyed him even more.
“What do you think you are up to, my brother?” Asked the yogi coolly.
“Brother? Well you are calling me brother just because you want to join our gang and run away with my valuables. You seem to be quite shrewd.”
“My brother, all these valuables are of no use to me. They are all Maya. In my view they are all worthless things. God has given you a human birth. Make use of it. Serve the people. Probably that will lessen your sins.”
     A dacoit that he was, was this going to make any impact on him? He cursed the yogi saying all kinds things. But still the yogi seemed to be a body of tranquility.
     “You can do good to the world through your deeds. You literally slaughter others. Why? You have no right to take their lives as its not you who have given them. I was not a born yogi. But I decided to offer myself unto Him. Slowly and slowly wicked thoughts started leaving my mind through meditation. I started having a liking for spiritualism. And at that very moment I came across a great saint who guided me into all this. Serving the mankind comes naturally. You might have heard how once a dacoit like you went ahead and penned an epic like the Ramayana. He is seated in every one of you and me too. By killing the innocent people you are indirectly killing Him. Killing the one who gave you birth! Tell me will you kill your… ”
     “That’s enough oh great one”. The once sinful dacoit suddenly fell at the feet of the yogi and cried like a little child. “Forgive me you noble soul. Who will other than you? Here I am dropping my arms for the good. Here is all the wealth that I acquired by undue means. I realize my mistake. Pray, give me a second chance to wash my sins.”
The yogi helped him up by his arms and wiped his tears.
“If you are really sorrowful and are ready to repent, say it to the villagers. Because you are their culprit, not mine.”
“I am ready to do anything you command.” Said the so-called dacoit wiping his tears. A grand gathering of all the villages was called. The dacoit in presence of all the villagers, the chieftains and the yogi put down his arms. And as advised by the yogi all the undue possessions acquired by the gang was evenly distributed among the poor. All the present there upheld the yogi for what could be impossible to a common man. The yogi felt pleasant at heart that he had ended the deadly thoughts of the dacoits once and for all. Peace returned to the villages before long. And that’s not a thing to tell.


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