The Powerful Yogi – 1

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The jungles are an awesome place. It is habitat to the yogis and dacoits to boot. In one such jungle lived a hard-core yogi. Having great yogic powers he had conquered all the human desires. That’s why he was bereft of all the materialistic wishes. He visited the villages around quite often and took great pleasure in serving the needy. Each and everyone always gave him a warm welcome. All, for what he was capable of, held him in high esteem. Whenever he went in any of the villages he always gave spiritual discourses, untiringly, thinking that at least some, if not all, might think the way he does. He believed that every one, even wrong doers have a heart, which can be changed. He urged all to serve Him through serving mankind.
He was a great devotee of Lord Krishna and in his discourses often gave references from the Gita. A selfless yogi that he was, he strongly believed in Karma and never thought of the fruits. He was an atheist to the core and had a strong faith that all the humans are His children. So all are brothers and sisters to him.
In the same jungles lived a gang of dacoits. The gang consisted of only 4-5 members. But they were ruthless in their acts and so they were a feared lot and none dared go against them. Even the chieftains of the villages around never had a crusade against them. The only thing they could do was that they had advised their clan members not to venture in the jungles at odd times and alone. This is because, their busianess was to rob others and make merry. They had ransacked the villages on numerous occasions. Life was very cheap in their view. They didn’t care for taking any one’s lives just for a sheer negligible amount of money. Even children and women were not spared. All the business in the villages was done in broad daylight. The villages came to a standstill after dusk.
The jungle was really a massive one. Both the yogi and the dacoits had heard of each other but till date had not come face to face. But recognizing the other was not going to be difficult at all. And before long they had their first acquaintance. Wandering in the woods the dacoits came right in front of the yogi who had gone deep in meditation.
“So you are the one who is godsent uh?” Shrieked the chief.
The yogi was static. He could hear nothing.


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