Alternative treatment of neck and low back pain

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There are different causes and types for low back pain. Manual therapy is the best way to treat it. For some diseases manipulation and mobilization of low back are contraindicated for example hernia discalis, osteoporosis.

You can safely reduce pain with the next methods, because the target tissues are skin, ligaments, muscles, connective tissue and do not effect and dislocate the vertebra and the discs.

Some of methods can be done by the patient itself.

They are:

Soft tissue techniques of manual therapy.

Classical massage – mainly muscle techniques.

Thai massage – the lumbar region.

Acupressure of the lumbar region.

Su Jok of the dorsum side of the fingers of hand and foot.

Reflex therapy of the foot.

Stretching exercises for lumbar musculature.

Reiki of lumbar region and distance Reiki.

There are different causes of neck pain – stress, cold, infectious diseases, disorders of cervical part of the spinal column.

The neck pain is result of stiffness of muscles of the neck – trapezium muscle, sternocleidomasotideus muscle, levator of shoulder-blade muscle, deep muscles of the neck.

The aim of the treatment is to relax these muscles, to make them softer. Here are some of the techniques:

–         Thai massage of the neck area – slow pressure of the neck area.

–         Manual therapy of the neck. Certain techniques relieved the pain very fast.

–         Acupressure of certain points of the neck.

–         Su Jok of the back of the fingers between the middle and last phalanxes.

–         Reiki on the neck. With distance Reiki people can be healed without the presence of Reiki healer. Reiki is good pain and stress reducer.

–         Classical massage of the neck area is less effective than Thai massage, Manual therapy and Acupressure.

–         The treatment is needed, because there are some complications if the pain persists like chronicle pain, less movement of the head, reflective reaction.


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