6 Tips to Having a Green (Eco-Friendly) Christmas

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  1. Buy Less! Buy fewer items to reduce the amount of waste produced. Not all gifts have to be store bought, you can make beautifully personalized gifts for your loved ones. Maximize the hobbies you already have or learn new ones and you will be giving yourself a Christmas present as well. Learn to knit, crochet, sew or do woodwork. The rewards are well worth the effort!

  2. Buy For Fewer People! If you have a large family, suggest drawing names. That reduces it to just one person you need to buy for, reduces waste and, with today’s economy, eases your economic burden as well.  You can also suggest a “gift free” Christmas party, not just with your family but also at work.  You can have themed parties instead of giving gifts, such as a pot-luck, a cookie party, or a wine and cheese party.  These are wonderful ways to get together in order to enjoy each others company and truly share the Christmas spirit. 

  3. Buy Smart! Look for recyclable items or items that are made from recycled goods. Also, look for paper and decorations that are recyclable or made from recycled items.  While they may cost a little more, they save us a great deal more than money inthe long run.

  4. Buy Local! Look for locally made goods and purchase locally grown produce whenever possible. Support your economy and your neighbors at the same time you support your planet.

  5. Buy Battery-Free! Try to find gifts that don’t use batteries or purchase rechargeable batteries as part of the gift.

  6. Buy Violence-Free! We have enough violence in the world without promoting it to our children. Don’t you agree?


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