Why did Sarah Palin quit as the Governor of Alaska? An Analysis

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Why did Sarah Palin quit as the Governor of Alaska ? An Analysis

On July 3, when Sarah Palin made her announcement to quit as the Governor of Alaska, the entire US was stunned. Mrs.Palin who assumed the gubernatorial office of the Governorship of Alaska only in November,2006, many in the US, especially the Alaskans welcomed it as a positive sign.But when she resigned her office of the Governorship prematurely that too when there is 18 more months for her tenure, it evoked a mixed reaction among the people of US.

Political analysts feel that Ms. Palin’s resignation meant the end of her political career and perhaps her road to presidential nomination as a Republican in the year 2012.Some others feel that she has resigned her Governorship having an eye upon the Senate election in the year 2010.

Bill Kristol a politician hailing from the Republican party has said that‘Palin’s resignation was an enormous gamble-but it could be a shrewd one.Now Palin can do her book, give speeches, travel the country and the world, campaign for others, meet people, get more educated on the issues and without being criticized for neglecting her duties in Alaska.’

Mary Mafalin asserts that Palin does and should have a future in politics and that her decision was ‘really brilliant’.

It seems that Bill Kristol’s comments on her resignation exactly sums up the real causes or factors that motivated Ms. Palin’s resignation as the Governor of Alaska.

1. Poor performance as a Governor of Alaska:

In the year 2008, when Ms Sarah Palin was chosen as the vice-presidential nominee of the Republican party to run along with the Presidential nominee Mr.John McCain, her popularity rate soared as high as 84%.But when she lost the election and returned to Alaska, her popularity dipped by 54%. Besides, during her race as a vice-presidential nominee and after her return to Alaska she miserably failed as a Governor of Alaska.She has been virtually a non-governing Governor. For example, while his predecessor had tried to enact more than 21 laws in Alaska, during Ms.Palin’s tenure as Governor, she prepared only 12 bills and of them managed to pass only one bill into a law.

2. She was more close with democrats than with the Republicans:

Besides, during her Governorship, Ms.Palin was more close with the democrats, than with the Republicans, perhaps with an idea of winning them over for her Alaska’s Oil and natural gas commission projects.

But a democrat criticizing her lack of political wisdom said that if Palin is compared with Mrs.Clinton, while the latter was mature enough to contest for a presidential nomination in the year 2008, by her standard, Ms.Palin may become eligible to have her nomination only in the year 2024.

3. She faced a number of court proceedings on ethical issues:

The irony of the issue is that it was with the initiative of Ms.Palin, an ethical law was passed in Alaska, immediately after she assumed the office of Governorship of Alaska.But under the strict provisions of the same law, a number of ethical proceedings had been initiated against Ms.Palin by the residents of Alaska.So far Ms.Palin had spent as much as $ 500,000 on her ethical proceedings and in all the proceedings she got herself exonerated. According to the provisions of the ethical law in force in Alaska, the expenses of a Governor’s ethical proceedings should be borne by the Governor and the state will not bear it. Palin’s travels and her exorbitant private spending have been the main subjects of ethical proceedings against her. Besides, she and her pregnant daughter has been the main attraction of the TV media. Therefore, the ethical proceedings and the heavy amount that she spent for the ethical proceedings and the need of more and more money for the pending ethical proceedings might have played a significant role in her decision to quit.

4.Ms.Palin’s forthcoming autobiography:

Perhaps impelled by the success of Mr.Obama’s books, Ms.Palin has decided to write her autobiography on her own.She was motivated to write her book because she is a degree holder in journalism. She has entrusted the publication of her book to Harper Collins.Her book will be edited by Adam Bellow, the son of Saul Bellow. Ms.Palin has planned to release her book on the forthcoming Mother’s Day.

5.Other designs of Ms.Palin:

Considering her stature, Ms.Palin can earn as much as $50,000 for her speech.Besides, she can travel freely in the country far and wide besides the countries of the world Using her charisma Ms.Palin also can campaign for others during the forthcoming US elections to the senate.

Thus under the influence of various factors, especially with the idea of earning more money, Ms. Palin has quit the Governorship of Alaska under the most controversial circumstances. However, despite of her limitations and mediocre political talent, one cannot completely rule out her emergence in politics in the near future.


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