Is it easier to walk away or stay with a partner who is violent?

Is it easier to walk away or stay with a partner who is violent?

Marriages are made in heaven.’ This proverb applies only to the arranged marriages. In love marriages the couples get to know each other before their marriages and have at least some sort of understanding between them by knowing each others’ character. Therefore, mostly there is no scope for any misunderstanding or violent behavior by any one of them.

But in the case of arranged marriages, the couples are new to each other and since their elders have arranged their marriages, they have no chance at all to get to know each other. Any person, who has been presented with a new book, can give his opinion or review about the book, only after reading it entirely. Prior to that he cannot say what kind of book it is, what are its contents or give an opinion about the book to others.

Similarly in the case of arranged marriages, it takes some time for the couples to get to know each other and to have a complete understanding between them. Their tastes differ. Interests vary. Since the couples have been raised in their own milieu and background, their food habits may vary. Their temperaments may vary. Their sexual knowledge, urge and habits may vary. Still there is a scope between the couples to sort out their differences and accordingly make adjustments between them and get on with the life.

But some of the spouses may have some peculiar qualities and characteristics about which nothing can be done or adjustments made. Violent behavior of a spouse is an incorrigible quality that defies logic and offers any peaceful solution. It is a kind of instantaneous action on the part of a spouse mostly men. The spouse is highly volatile, inflammable and short tempered that leads him to a violent behavior towards his spouse, in the form of slapping, assaulting or beating the other with some kind of club etc. Behaving violently under the influence of alcohol is quite common in such cases.

This violent behavior of a person under the influence of alcohol is also sometimes characterized by unprovoked aggression, violent attacks causing injury some times even grievous, requiring medical treatment. The reason behind the violent behavior of a person may be a psychological disorder, some childhood aberration that gets perpetuated, perhaps due to the background in which he has been raised. No doubt such violent behavior requires medical treatment, some medical and psychological counseling etc.

But the spouse who has become the victim of the violent behavior of her partner is always at a risk and even her life is under a constant threat and danger. It also affects the peaceful atmosphere of a home. The normal situation that prevails at such home is a violent storm followed by calmness.After all life is short and no one knows when it will come to an end. Under these circumstances, a spouse who is the victim of violence cannot get on with his or her spouse or partner and get his or her life spoiled always under a constant threat. Moreover, children beget by such parents, get thoroughly spoiled and sometimes even suffer from some psychological disorders like stammering, poor performance in their studies, sometimes getting infected with the quality of violence from their parents.

Therefore, instead of taking risks and getting ones’ life spoiled and endangered, it is always easier and we can rather say, it is always better to walk away from a partner who is violent.

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