Make your dog a cold treat for those Hot Summer Days

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How to Make a Doggie Pupsicle

During the “dog days of summer”, wouldn’t it be great if your dog had a cold treat to munch on too?

When the summer temperatures start to soar the kids beg mom for Popsicles, but what about our dogs?

Why not make him a Pupsicle that he can enjoy right alongside the kids?

Things You’ll Need:

  • Large empty Margarine tub
  • dog toys
  • dog treats
  • beef Bouillon cubes
  • chicken bouillon cubes
  • pre made frozen meatballs
  • cheese cubes cut into 1″ squares

Step 1

Make sure you wash out the Margarine tub out well with hot soapy water and rinse.

Take 1-2 beef bouillon cubes and melt them in a cup of boiling water, then set aside to cool.

Step 2

Take a couple of your dogs favorite rubber toys like a Kong or some other rubber toy. and wash in warm soapy water and rinse well.

For rubber toys with holes like Kong’s you can fill with Kong stuff or cheese whiz and freeze prior to making your dogs pupsicle.

Step 3

Place 1 or 2 of your dog’s favorite toys into the bottom of the margarine tub and then pour the bouillon you just made into the tub over the toys and add enough water to cover the toys, Drop in a few treats like the frozen meatballs, cheese cubes, or other favorite doggie treats, then place the container into the freezer.

Note; the tub should not be filled more than 1/3 at this point.

Step 4

After a couple of hours make Chicken Bouillon the same way you did the beef in step 1. Once cooled you will add a layer of chicken bouillon just as you did before, followed with another toy or more doggie treats as you did in step 3.

Note; The container should be no more than 2/3 full at this point.

Step 5

Do a final layer of beef bouillon, or some other favorite flavor and repeat step 3 only this time fill container almost up to the top, place lid on container and freeze till solid.

Now your dog has a great Pupsicle that he can enjoy while you are away at work, or anytime it is hot and you think he will enjoy it as much as the kids do their own Popsicles.


  • Get creative, add bits of cooked chicken, ham, pork, fish or whatever your dog loves. You can even add commercially prepared dog treats like pupperoni, I cant believe it’s not bacon, beggin strips, chew hooves… you get the idea.
  • This is a very messy dog treat so make sure to give it to your dog outside, and you may want to lock the doggie door… LOL

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