Why I Write

I write because I am an addict, I am conceived, I suffer a kind of labor pain almost akin to that of a pregnant woman, I meditate like a hermit,I am relieved from my pains only when I deliver finally something in the computer screen. I suffer from or undergo all the above mentioned travails just because I have a passion for writing.All my writings are my offsprings.

You may even view or consider my offsprings as unhealthy, underweight, substandard and malnourished, but I can’t help it.You may even recommend them to put under incubator.But I had no other go except to deliver them, because I have already been carrying them sufficiently.

I vividly remember and recall that I was wedded to the idea of writing when I was just 18 years old.I was the youngest among my room mates, huddling in a small room.All of us were undergoing a training course from the Government of India for a job.Each one of us did something which we considered passionate.I too scribbled something in a white paper which ended up into a short story.The gist of the story was this :It was a nun’s introspection about her struggle to control her sensuous feelings on seeing beautiful men.She even justified her wavering mind as follows: while she might not be attractive by her looks and create sex appeals in men by wearing her white apron or fully covered dress, she could not stop wavering or control her sexulal feelings that arose in her on seeing young and atrractive young men.

My room mates were astonished on reading my short story since they considered me as a baby considering my young age, boyish look and thought that the theme of my short story was beyond my age.However, thereafter, I did not actively pursue my writing, because nobody inspired me or encouraged me.

However, my passion for writing lingered on in me.After crossing many years in my life,when I purchased a computer, I got the internet connection also.Very soon I found my passion for writing once again got aroused.

I started blogging on and off in some web sites that immensly satisfied my passion for writing, eventhough I have not earned anything out of my passion.Finally it was one of my friend, namely Uma Venkatraman, who invited me to this site.

I have begun writing regularly and found that my writing ability has also improved significantly.Now, though somewhat belatedly, my writing ambition has got whetted to the extent that my writings should get published in popular magazines both in India and abroad and I should establish myself atleast in three or four genres of writings, if not, all.

Of late, by writing in Helium.com, regularly , I have rediscovered my passion for writing and by the umpteen number of opportunities provided by the channel and by virtue of the ratings provided to my articles by my fellow writers,I could assess myself and my writings where actually I stand.

Now I have become more focussed in my writings.I do understand that English being my second language, I am in a disadvantageous position comparing with my other writers whose mother tongue is English and who has more exposure to their language and literature.But I am undaunted and console myself with the argument that English might be their mother tongue, but I have more passion and more enthusiasm for writing and English is after all a world language and anyone can master it and become an adept in it provided that you have the will and you make your efforts earnestly in the right direction.

I am also inspired by the great Indian English writers like R.K.Narayan, Premchand,Mulkraj Anand and present day writers Salman Rushdie, V.A.Naipaul, Shoba De and scores of other writers.I hope in the near future I may be able to catch up with them.

I am also motivated towards writing not only by the satisfaction that it provides but also by the lucrative earning opportunities that it offers.

Now I have a goal and objective as far as my writing is concerned towards which I am constantly striving for despite of the stumbling blocs that I have in the process.

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