Top Five Basketball Players Ever

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The game of basketball has been around for quite some time, since James Naismith invented it back in 1891. As the years have gone along, the game has modernized itself quite a bit, making quite a few improvements over time. Over the years, there have been so many tremendous basketball players that it is tough make a list of the best ever, but it has to be done. Comparing different era’s is difficult, but this list will try to account for the differences in time.

The top five basketball players ever

1. Michael Jordan- Hands down Jordan is the best ever. This is the easiest one of the top five to figure out where they belong. Jordan accomplished more than anyone ever has in the NBA by willing his team to victory time after time. Jordan possessed some of the best skills ever, but he was probably the smartest and most clutch basketball player I have ever seen, which put him over the top. Jordan pushed his teammates harder than anyone, and was his toughest critic. The best ever period.

2. Kareem Abdul Jabaar- Jabaar scored more points than anyone in his NBA career and he revolutionized the game just as much as any big man ever has. His patented “Skyhook” was next to impossible to block, and may well be the most difficult shot any one has ever had to guard. The 7’2 Jabaar had great success at UCLA as well as in the NBA with the Lakers.

3. Wilt Chamberlain- Chamberlain dominated the game like no other. The only man to score over 100 points in a game in the NBA, Chamberlain made the court seem his alone at times. At 7’1 and about 300 pounds he picked off every rebound even close to him and scored with ease. The competition level at his position wasn’t nearly as difficult then as it is now, which drops him to third.

4. Magic Johnson- You can’t argue with what Magic Johnson did on the court. Even though his career ended at the young age of 31 he was able to guide his team to 5 NBA championships and win 3 MVP awards. He could play any position on the court and was a 6’9 point guard that could see the floor better than anyone.

5. Bill Russell- Maybe his individual statistics don’t match up with the other four, but his teams victories sure do. Russell won 11 NBA Championships with the Celtics. He was a tremendous defensive force that absolutely changed the game, even if he didn’t score a point.

Honorable Mention (Just missed)- Oscar Robertson, Larry Bird, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Tim Duncan


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