Sydney – The Melting Pot Of World Cultures Down Under

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Sydney is often mistaken for the capital city of Australia, which is in fact Canberra. However with its iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House famous in visually establishing the image of Australia all over the world, it is no surprise that Sydney has been the port of call for many tourists and businessmen.

This thriving metropolis was just an empty and basic city three decades ago but now is one of the major financial centers of the word and offers a lot of business opportunity and sightseeing opportunity for people who would like to visit down under.

Sydney Is a Melting Pot for the World

The country has adapted and adopted many nationalities of the immigrants who made Australia their home in the past three decades. You can see familiar faces of Greek, Italian, Chinese, French and even Lebanese descent that make up the culture and face of modern-day Sydney. Tourists and businessmen will be delighted to know that with the influx of immigrants many international food stuff and brands are now easily available in local markets.

Adventure and Culture both Available in Sydney

A business trip or personal visit to Sydney can be made memorable even if you are short on time. Whether it’s local culture or outdoor adventure Sydney offers the best of both. You can easily access the Sydney Harbour Bridge or Sydney Opera House and enjoy a free stroll across the bridge taking memorable photographs of your trip to Sydney. If you do not want to spend money on watching a recital at the Sydney Opera House then you can simply book a tour around the beautiful architecture.

Getting Around in Sydney

When you arrive in Sydney the planned metropolis is easy to navigate by bus, train or taxi and there are many wonderful sites to visit during your stay. It is common for people to cycle around in Sydney as the weather is pleasant and there are many tracks for cyclists. The beach is frequented by people who love to surf and you can catch surfing classes at Bondi Beach. An interesting fact about Sydney is that the winter is in June and July since it is a city based in the south of the equator.

Accommodation in Sydney during Short Stays

A good option for living in Sydney is provided by the many facilitated and equipped serviced apartments dotting the central business district. This area used to be very quiet around three decades ago when the business district did not have permission to build residential units.

However, in the last few years the district has evolved into a commercial and financial power house and is also frequented by tourists. In order to facilitate them, serviced apartments and residences have been constructed in this area. Accommodation in Sydney is bent on international standards and the apartments are fully functional and equipped to handle the needs of both businessman and tourists alike. This accommodation is very sensible for families who will require spacious living and for a businessman who would like the space and comfort of home for the price of a room in one of Sydney hotels.

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