To gain knowledge of and exercise in actual practice on jobs related to finance, auditing, accounting, costing, and budgeting with the aid from my theoretical knowledge acquired in school and the help of Maitland-Smith as my training ground and its employees who will impart there expertise and experiences.


            I learned a lot from my experiences as an On-the-Job Trainee of Maitland-Smith. First of all, I’m very much gratified for the support and understanding of my superiors especially on times when I committed mistakes. More than any learning thought in school, I learned to be with others, to work with people.

 I learn also to listen to my senior, Ms. Paulinita Moneva even though at times I can’t understand her instructions. I also learn to accept criticism and be apologetic for my mistakes. She particularly imparts in me what I must know in making use of corporate resources and corporate values.

Furthermore, I’m very grateful that they expose me so much on what I must know regarding the work which suits my course. I’m very thankful that they treat me like them and they trust me with my work. I appreciate so much the working environment I had with in the company because it helps me absorbed what I need to know.

I actually learned to prepare consolidated statements of different accounts and comparative statements for those accounts which Ms. Yvonne Jagmoc entrusted me. I actually prepared customer chargeback flowchart which I used to do in school during my second years. I also prepared transmittals for sales invoices and summary for cash transactions and sales. I was also trained to prepare debit and credit memo; disbursement journals; sales report; cash request; and update last year’s sales, deliveries, and monthly orders by vendor and by customer. I was also taught to prepare budget forecast, sales returns provisions and commission payable provisions. I was also able to prepare company margins which I enjoyed so much.

The every day experiences I had in this company are really most treasured. The knowledge I obtain here are beyond compare than any other experiences I acquired from school and supplementary learning from books. What I had here will always be with me and rest assured I will apply what I’ve in every circumstance that I may encounter after these.

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