How to finally lose weight

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The most important thing in order for all of this to work is the proper intake of water you have to stay properly hydrated in order to be healthy and lose weight.

I recommend that a person drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day and one glass before eating anything in the morning this does wonders for the metabolism and you also get the first glass out of the way because at first 8 or even 10 glasses of water will seem like you are drinking all the water in the world.

First you must get your digestive system ready and the best way to do this is by performing a colon cleanse. what this does for you body is amazing first it will make you lose some initial weight because of all the waste that is on your colon walls and it will start letting you process food faster and allow you body to burn more calories. keep in mind when doing this you have to drink plenty of water.

Second step is a candida cleanse, what this does is amazing for you body. It removes yeast overgrowth in you body that is caused by antibiotics even if you have even taken them once in you life for any type of infection you have this problem this slows down you immune system and puts you body under unnecessary stress making it had to lose weight.

Last is a old and hidden secrete…. it is virgin coconut oil it has been proven one to help you immune system and I can not stress this enough how important that is to weight loss b/e not matter how you exercise and diet you also need to be healthy. what the coconut oil does is it sends fatty acids to the liver where it immediately coverts into energy and promotes a great amount of weight loss.


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