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LOS ANGELES – Michael Jackson has had a brilliant coffin at center stage of the Staples Center, sitting for more than two hours celebrities celebrated as the king of pop under the watchful eye of millions of people. And when the ceremony is over, over.

In law, the chest of gold that would have held the body of Jackson should be exactly where his death certificate, it says return to Hollywood Hills Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery, the site of a private place of family before the funeral ceremony of staples. Los Angeles County cemetery records that temporary location where you stay until the records are officially updated.

But when the body of Jackson will be at rest remains a mystery, fueled by the same level of rumors and speculation around a large part of his life. Will be buried at Forest Lawn? Neverland Ranch is still a possibility?

What if it is not buried at all, but the cremation? The family does not – and perhaps have not yet decided.

The coffin was seen leaving the morgue of the Forest Garden, where he obtained in a hearse for the trip of 10 miles Staples Center. But even before the service began, the hearse was seen leaving the – empty – and is not new.

However, to maintain in good condition with the law, which requires the coffin back to Forest Lawn, at some point, probably after the crowd went home and the television cameras are long gone.

Robert J. Biggins, past president of the National Association of Funeral Directors, Jackson said that the body is capable, in his coffin, which he identified as a product tailored, high quality made by the coffin of Indiana-based Batesville casket company which is called a “Promethean”. The coffin is probably in a temporary area – perhaps a mausoleum – waiting for a permanent seat, he said.

“It happened so fast that it is something that should have lots of reflection,” said Biggins, who is the owner of Magoun-Biggins Funeral Home in Rockland, Massachusetts “This is bigger than the average funeral. ”

Conjectures on Jackson last resting place has been so complete that the rumors about his funeral will take place in the days before the Staples Center was announced. His 5-page, signed in 2002 does not include last wishes of his body.

A forest garden is unlikely possibility. If Jackson is buried there, he will join other celebrities such as Liberace, Gene Autry, Bette Davis and Andy Gibb. Recently deceased actor David Carradine and “Tonight Show” Sidekick Ed McMahon are also buried.

The Jackson family seem divided on whether the body should go to Neverland, which will surely turn to a ranch in Santa Barbara, on the west coast of Graceland. However, Jackson left the ranch of 2,500 acres, having been put in isolation after his acquittal on charges of child sexual abuse in 2005, and many things that are – the carousel, Ferris wheel, and the zoo – have been ido.

The billionaire Thomas Barrack, that Neverland is a joint venture with Jackson, has expressed its openness to the idea of having the singer’s body buried on the ranch. The family must obtain permission to use land to bury the local officials of Jackson County, on private property, and then submit an application and the documents of the state Cemetery and Funeral Bureau.

The state of the application should be approved by the board of funeral service, a process that could take seven to 30 days.

Beyond that, accessibility remains a problem in Neverland. Only one of two paths leading to the property about 130 miles north of Los Angeles, and infrastructure changes will probably be necessary to accommodate the additional traffic.

Another option is cremation. State law requires that the person who has control of the ash obtained the written permission of the owner or the governing body of the dispersion of ownership.

Funeral experts said the delay in the funeral Jackson May be due to the fact that these celebrity deaths create logistical, security and legal headaches.

“One of the topics you are going to run any high-profile name, if a former president of the United States, or someone of the stature of Michael Jackson, which is the cemetery – for a funeral – is to restore security, to protect the house to protect the privacy of the family during the service, to protect the rest and then what kind of built-in that comes with overhead costs, “said Paul Elvig, former chairman of the Organization International Cemetery Cremation and Funeral Association.

Experts said even a two week period between death and burial are not unusual. The body of singer James Brown has been kept sealed in a casket of gold in his house in South Carolina for more than two months before being buried in 2007 at the home of one of his daughters.

“You’re probably talking more than a public anxious to move forward and you want to know what will happen and that impatience must be heard,” said Elvig. “If a body was prepared by an embalmer, may be considered for a period of time with minor touchups to it.”

Biggins said that even encouraged by the delay.

‘, I think the fact that this break is a wonderful thing, because it is light reflection, “he said,” to ensure that this is well done and is done in a way that honors its heritage .

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