How to Manage Stress Well

With the right mental attitude one can manage stress well.  Our emotions can dictate how we feel; “feeling the way we think” comes close to describing this well. There are so many factors that can cause stresses in our lives. Therefore, no matter what the circumstance, one should take a step back and examine closely how we are feeling and the factors or mediums that are influencing those emotions.  Negative emotions can really deplete all the energy within you.  It requires less energy to be stressed than it does to be happy. Therefore ‘choose’ to be the winner over stress.


There are things one can do to relax. Deep breathing techniques, meditation, long walks are some of the ways in which one can relax. Reading a good book or going to breakfast, lunch or dinner with a friend are also great ways to distract ourselves from the stressors in our lives.


If step 1 is not as effective as you would like it to be, then the next best thing is to deal with the stressors; confront them. For the things we can change, write them down, understand them and deal with them as best we can.


There are times when we need help to deal with the stressors in our lives. It might be a little challenging to admit that our life is not going as well as we would like because we are afraid of being judged.  However, you might be surprised at how supportive and understanding others can be. Therefore reach out and connect family, friends or possibly a counselor; someone who can help you to get over the hump.


The first thing we forget to do when we are stressed is to eat. Make sure that you are maintaining a balanced diet (without the caffeine and alcohol). More importantly, do not eat late at nights because that can make one lethargic and less physically vibrant.  More importantly try your best to maintain a routine sleep schedule. However, do not lie in bed and worry; pull out a good book and use positive images to occupy your thoughts.


When we are stressed this can sometimes lead to deep depression.  Therefore, manage your time well, set goals, get out a to-do-list and will yourself to stick to it. Try to balance your life again, add exercise to the list if you must (give it a go!), don’t sit around and find a sense of purpose again.

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