How to Get The Most From Your Comcast High Speed Internet

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For some of us, comcast high speed internet is the only choice of high speed internet service providers. For those of us who have this “issue”, it is important to be able to make sure you are getting the most for the money you are spending on this service. You are responsible for taking it upon yourself to learn how to manage your connection problems within your home in order to avoid any unnecessary service call charges. To do that, you can do a simple search of the net for instructions on basic cable connection within your home.

Make a note of any power interruptions you may experience with your comcast high speed internet; document everything! It is imperative to have this information handy when you call customer service so they cannot try to blow you off…as they have been known to do.

You must also make a note of any and all contact you have with your comcast high speed internet provider. This will aid in any future grievances you may choose to pursue. Once you have all of this information, make the much dreaded call to customer service and keep your emotions in check. It may be an unpleasant experience, the customer service call, but you will have to be prepared to take charge. Knowledge and information is power.

Once you call your comcast high speed internet provider, be firm. Explain your dilemma, the timetable of issues experienced, and do not let the person on the other end of the phone push you off or interrupt. They will ultimately understand that you, the consumer and one of many people responsible for their employment, are simply demanding the service you put your hard earned money towards, they will be more willing to compensate you for your trouble. Do not hesitate to express how much you are investing in comcast high speed internet and that you demand compensation for any lost service. If you find that your comcast high speed internet customer service rep is not giving you the service you deem satisfactory, assert your demand to speak with a manager. You should receive compensation for service interruptions which can make quite the difference in your monthly bill.

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