The Student Loan Corporation,they have an option to consolidate my loans?

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Question: I have two types of student loans. A group stafford consolidate loans with a total volume of about 55K at 4.125% interest. The second group are private loans with a total volume of around 47K, which is at 4 a.m. to 5 p.m.% interest. My work on the monthly payments around $ 800 per month. My annual salary is only about 40K. Needless to say, its very difficult (actually impossible) to do what each store. Can you give me a way that I can lower my monthly payments? I have my lender and they were no help at all (surprise surprise).

A. What were you thinking when you have more than U.S. $ 100,000 in student loans? How were you planning to pay them back if you took the money? What happened in this action plan? Try calling the Student Loan Corporation. I remember the series, something like 1-800-2-College. You have an option to save your credit, and the interest rate is less than what you pay for. The only gotcha is that you can consolidate only once, and it sounds like you already have this capability. It’s still worth a try. Other than that, you do not have a loan problem … You have an income problem. You need to get your income up to about double what you do if you want more than just survive from paycheck to paycheck. Realistically, you are looking at 25 to 30 years of loan payments at $ 800 per month. I doubt that you are even able to a house with 1 / 3 of your pay to take home to student loans. I also believe that bankruptcy is not an option, since student loans are no longer going bankrupt. If I am wrong on this, it could be the best option. Otherwise, I would think, what tension and movement in Mexico or elsewhere, if the loan can not follow.

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