Make your own funky Christmas Tree Craft Decoration

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Traditions are adapting, knowledge is expanding, and awareness is abounding! It’s expected that if you celebrate Christmas, you’ll need to go out and buy a real Christmas tree, which may or may not make you feel a tad bit guilty, or get an artificial tree at your nearest Walmart. Why not try something a little different? 

Things you’ll need:

  • lots of large pieces of cardboard
  • aluminum foil
  • assorted sequins
  • assorted colored foamies squares
  • velcro circles
  • christmas lights
  • garland
  • tape
  • box cutter

These are instructions for creating my Christmas tree alternative! Still traditional, but with a twist! A link to larger pictures is below.

Get a large, very large, piece of cardboard, or about 5 big pieces of cardboard. In total, my Christmas tree wall hanging is about 6 feet high (not including the base which is shaped like a pot, and made with Foamies) and about 3 feet wide at the bottom. So 5 pieces that are at least 3 feet by 1 foot would be ideal. Cut the cardboard with the box cutter into a triangle (tree shape). Then separate (if using 1 large piece of cardboard) into 1 foot sections.

Make sure your aluminum foil is wide enough to cover the cardboard you’ve cut. You may want to use tape to secure the aluminum foil to the back. Gently ball up the aluminum foil, and unwrap it again, to get the crinkled look. Smooth it out over each piece of cardboard so that it is completely covered in festive silver.

Use foamies to cut out the shape of a pot for the base. This could be any design you like. Decorate with contrasting color stripes, stars, or anything you choose. Feel free to browse the internet or magazines for ideas.

Browse the internet or craft magazines for pictures of simple Christmas ornaments that suit your fancy. Be creative and cut out pieces of foam to match the ornament design. My Christmas tree has a reindeer, vintage Christmas ornament, snowman, drum, gingerbread man, rocking horse, bell, candle, heart, Santa Claus, wreath, bird, holly leaves, etc, etc. Use different color foamies to create effect, and adorn with fancy sequins. White glue should be all you need to make the ornaments. Note: perfection is not necessary. Don’t get overly obsessive. Your ornaments will turn out just fine!

Use foamies and sequins to craft your favorite Christmas tree topper. Mine is an angel. You could shape a fancy star if you like, or whatever makes you happy. Use velcro circles and attach one side to each ornament, and the corresponding side on the Christmas tree. Space them accordingly.

Once your tree sections are completely covered with foil, and your ornaments are created, hang up your tree parts. Leave a couple of inches of space between each piece. This is for the garland. Hang your ornaments by attaching the corresponding pieces of velcro. Decorate with Garland and Christmas lights however you see fit.

Use this pattern to save a tree, save some money, and get funky with a great Christmas craft that is fairly easy to make, very easy to store, and super funky fun to display at Christmas time. Don’t worry, Santa is hip…he’ll still find his way!!

For images, please visit this link


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