Having Yourself a Christmas

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When I hear the song; “Have yourself a Merry Little
I just feel sad.

It reminds me of all the times I’ve been alone,
having a not merry very very little Christmas.

Being alone at this time of year is the worst
time to be alone.

Therefore, don’t be alone.

I’m not talking about crashing with some second
cousins or a distant friend’s family.

I’m talking about not being alone by being part
of something greater than yourself.

Find the nearest church, orphanage, salvation
army depot, any organisation which is going to
make Christmas for the poor, and volunteer.

Volunteer to do anything everything and whatever
needs to be done.

If you go now they probably have a long list
of things to do. Your days and nights will be
so full there won’t be a moment for reflection.

Serving meals to the poor, playing Santa at an
old age home, going with a gang to give presents
at a homeless shelter, does not simply mean you
won’t be alone this Christmas, but means you
will give other people a Christmas.

You can sit home alone and feel sorry for yourself
some other time, not during the Christmas season
when there is so much expectation and such great need.

Don’t say you’re too tired or you don’t know anyone
or you don’t belong to that church or even that

It doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you can turn a negative into
a positive which benefits those you help as well
as yourself.

Don’t have a merry little Christmas, have a large
joyous charitable Christmas.  Know, at the end of
the day, that you being in this world has made a


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