Weight Loss: Keep Moving!

I must confess I have not lost much this week. I did lose a pound, but that is all. Yes, I am glad for that pound loss, but I know why my weight loss slowed down this week. Last week I had a 4 pound loss. I walked every day. This week I have only walked the dog in the yard to go potty, for the most part. I have been so busy ghostwriting that I haven’t made time for myself. Last night I went out at twilight to walk up and down my street. I could really feel the difference in last night’s walk too. My back hurt some due to my being deconditioned for this week. I’m lucky to have one pound off this week, because my body is very efficient, as most bodies are. When we don’t move as much, or bodies don’t use as much fuel; therefore the weight either stops coming off or it comes off at a snail’s pace. We are efficient machines.

Regardless of having just a small loss this week, it is a loss.  I’m not going to get anal about it. There are some people at Weight Watchers that gain slightly for one reason or another. So far I haven’t been in their shoes. I don’t want to be, but it could happen if I have more weeks like the one I just lived through. I made a commitment to walk 3 to 4 times a week, and I didn’t keep that commitment to myself. The only one I am letting down is me.

I want to offer encouragement to all people who are trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Eating healthy isn’t the only part to it. The other part is to get up off our behinds and on to our feet and get moving.  Last week my daughter and I walked to the store. It’s at least a quarter mile away. I bought 2 big bottles of bottled water, and a gallon of milk. My daughter carried the water and I carried the milk. It was so much fun walking and carrying the milk. I pretended it was a weight to work out with. I was lifting the milk up and down over my head. I was doing hand curls with it also. I decided to mention this, just because you can make every day chores into useful exercises to burn calories.

It’s so important to be consistent. Working out diligently for a week or two and then getting complacent about it isn’t the thing to do. Before long you can find yourself going backward, instead of forward in your efforts. Even if you don’t see the numbers on the scale decline as fast as you’d like, don’t give up. Your body is changing every day. You may not notice it, but other people will notice. At church, people are coming up to me and mentioning that I am getting narrower, or that I am melting. I am glad that people see it, because I don’t always see it. I see that my clothes are bagging some, and other clothes are fitting me better. I see that I can wear a smaller size, but the mirror lies to me and says I am the same size as before. Don’t get discouraged if this happens to you.

Writing to keep myself motivated, and I am also writing to help you to stay motivated. If you feel like throwing in the towel, stop those negative thoughts, and be proud of your accomplishments thus far. No one may walk up to you and pat you on the back. It’s nice when that happens, but it’s not necessary to be a success. Be your own coach. Be the first to root yourself on toward the finish line. Know that when you get to the finish line, your work has just begun. Your job will be to maintain your loss after achieving it.

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