Consolidation- The Pros and Cons

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What does it mean to consolidate your student loans?

Consolidating your student loans means to all of your various loans and give them to a company. The big advantage of consolidation is that your monthly payments lower.

Other advantages:

Getting a lower interest rate is only one of the advantages of consolidation. Here are some other advantages:

-You may, in writing 5 different checks: Consolidating simplifies your finances by allowing you to write a check instead of only several checks.

Pay less: You can use your monthly payments.

-Obtaining a higher credit: Once you consolidate, your new lender pays off all your existing loans and combine them to open up a new one. As the old debts paid in full, your credit rating improves.

Lock-in interest rate: If you have federal loans the interest rate fluctuates each year on 1 July. By consolidating you lock in a low rate.

Consolidation loans are wonderful because they are easy to get. You are not required to have collateral or a cosigner. You do not even need good credit!


Every decision has a downside. Prior to the consolidation loan, make sure that you understand the positive and negative aspects of consolidation. Below is a list of a few disadvantages, you can be observed:

-Once in a while, interest rates actually fall. If you have consolidated, you stuck with a sentence.

-After consolidation, there is no way to return to the way it was before or in other words “non-consolidated.

-New terms for new loans. These can be words that you do not know. Make sure your contract carefully before signing it.

Multi-interest: to extend the term of the loan result in you paying more interest.

Since we have the advantages and disadvantages of consolidating your student loans, you should know whether you are entitled to one. There are very few requirements to qualify for federal student loan consolidation. You must owe more than ten thousand U.S. dollars in federal student loans. You have to do with college or enrolled in under six hours of credit classes. Finally, you can not consolidate any defaulted federal loan if it is not repaired.

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