Debt Consolidation – How To Know If I Am Eligible Or Not?

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Debt consolidation is not for everyone, there are some debt situations that should not be resolved through a debt consolidation because that provides the benefits debt consolidation does not apply to any form of debt. Learn how to know if you’ll be able to benefit from a debt consolidation or not.

Before contacting an agency for debt consolidation, you must ensure that by consolidating your debt, you will improve your financial situation. Otherwise, you will need to use other forms of credit and debt repair. Since debt consolidation is mainly based on debt negotiation, you must ensure that the type of debt you have is appropriate for this method of debt reduction.

Pre-pay the debt and marketable debt securities

To be able to consolidate the debt must be capable of being prepaid and negotiated. This issue is important because if the debt is not one of these characteristics, you will not be able to obtain any benefit of a debt consolidation. Let’s analyze these factors separately, first.

When you pay your debt, you are modifying the repayment schedule by paying a portion or the full amount of any payment due in advance. Under the contract, the debt may take three forms when it comes to prepaid: Prepayment can be authorized either explicitly or implicitly (if the contract is silent on the issue), prepayment may be allowed, but penalized by a prepayment penalty or prepayment may be banned. If your debt prepayment is not the only form of debt consolidation is available through negotiation and recourse to a loan debt consolidation is not possible. If there is a penalty cost, we must consider the costs to see if consolidation is to your advantage or not (you have until the end of May to pay more).

By negotiating your debt, you agree with your creditors new terms for repaying your loans and other forms of debt. Not all debts are non-negotiable and negotiable debt securities may be consolidated if you can not repay the debt in full (through a loan debt consolidation). In general, guarantee the debt is non-negotiable. This is because, since the guaranteed debt, the lender has a guarantee of real estate, he can always recover his money through legal means, knowing that their money is protected by the property used as collateral.

Consequences of these two characteristics

If your debt is mainly composed of these two types of debt, or worse, a combination of both, chances are consolidating your debt is canceled. Non-negotiable debt can be consolidated through a loan debt consolidation (which involve repayment of your debts and make new debt under different terms), if the debt is pre – pay. No pre-pay the debt can be consolidated through debt negotiation as a negotiation.

Any non-negotiable and not pre-pay debt is a barrier against the inevitable consolidation of debt. If a large proportion of the debt falls into this category, you will need to consider other options because debt consolidation is not for you. Otherwise, you may need to consolidate through negotiation of the debt or loan debt consolidation and you will be able to reduce your debt and monthly payments.


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