Educational Careers

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The field of education offers the prospective practitioner many career paths. Firstly there are the different levels of education from pre-school all the way to graduate degree level. Which ever path one chooses one can be secure in the knowledge that the educator will always be a part of civilized society as the older generation will always have to educate the younger generation. As well as work the field of education itself, careers in Education will involve duties outside the classroom as well, for instance, administration, psychology, social services, custodial and food services.

  Certified Careers. A certified career in Education requires a review of the relevant qualifications and transcripts by the state Education Department. The career of school Principal, and classroom teacher both require a four year qualification in teaching followed by certification in the state. For a teacher to progress to the administrative positions of principal and assistant principal they will require a Masters degree in school administration in most states. Some states require a Masters degree in any related field. A school psychologist career requires a degree in psychology and a specialization in school age psychology. A Speech-Language Pathologist is also a specialized degree in Speech Pathology. All of these careers are accompanied by renewable certification by the state body.

Classified Careers. One may still pursue a teaching career without certification by beginning teaching as a Lateral Entry teacher. For this qualification you will require a normal four year degree but you do not need to have the specialty education methodology courses that the certified teacher courses have. You will be allo0pwed to teach and will have two years depending on the state, to complete the methodology classes at night school. After completion of the courses a state exam must be passed for issue of a teacher’s certificate. 

To be a Substitute teacher you must be a high school graduate or pass the GED test and (a), complete at least 30 semester hours of a 4-year college or university, or 45 quarter hours from a community college, technical institute or other college on the quarter system. Or (b), have a minimum score of 750 (old) 1150 (new) on the SAT, or a score of 16 or better on the ACT. Or (c), have a minimum score of 85% on the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE).

 Support Positions. There are many career positions available within the Education System. Each school will require a School Secretary. This will require the usual skills of a secretary such as keyboard, telephone, switchboard, filing, administrative support. Each school will also have a bookkeeper who will be qualified as an accountant and will handle the financial transactions and pay clerk duties in the school. School districts also employ Librarians, clerks, bus drivers, custodians, cafeteria workers, and school crossing guards. Applying for these positions is a simple matter of accessing the website of the school district in which you want to work and selecting the relevant links.

College Education. Teachers who wish to teach adults or teach a deeper level of their subject can apply for a career in College education. Colleges will require at least a Masters Degree in your area of specialization. However, you may be able, depending on experience, to secure a position as an adjunct lecturer with a Bachelor’s degree. Most colleges will not give tenure to an applicant without a Master’s level degree.

 niversity Education. Usually to gain entry to a university as a lecturer requires many semesters working as an adjunct lecturer. Candidates who enter the PhD program at a university, which requires a Master’s degree, will be asked to lecture as an adjunct after a qualifying period. After they graduate with the Doctorate they may be offered tenure depending on their results. Of course both colleges and universities have similar support staff careers available as do the schools. If you desire a career in an educational environment these may suffice also.


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