Detoxifying Global Warming

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The Earth has been warmer and colder than it is today.
There were times when hippos grazed in England, when
Niagara Falls froze solid.

There were times when grapes grew in Canada and times
when people ice skated across the Hudson River.

Scientifically there is no debate as to climate change,
what is in debate is the effect of human beings on climate.

If every single person was instantly removed from the Earth,
the Earth would still become warmer.  There is nothing one
can do to prevent this.

Degradation of the environment has a very large human factor,
and this can be addressed.  But one has as much to do with
climate change as washing the car has to do with causing

The fact the Earth is warming requires mature thought, not
scare tactics.

The ancients built major cities inland.  Either because the
coast lines of the cities were closer, or the experience of
drowned cities was passed through the generations.

This passage of information saved the lives of many residents
on islands struck by the tsunami of 2004.  Grandparents had
heard from their parents how when the sea pulls back it will
return with great force, and so they ran to the hills.

The most ‘primitive’ people survived while the most
sophisticated died.

Perhaps the ancients, aware of the ability of the sea to
advance, selected sites far inland for their cities through
preserved memories.

Over the past thousand years human civilisation has moved
to the coast as if the coast line is immutable.  Cities
are built close to the sea.

Today’s prized ‘beach front’ property will be next century’s
drowned city, so bigger and better dams will only push the
sea to flood elsewhere or destroy the dams.

Moving away from the coast and from river banks is something
we can do now without much dislocation.  Simply begin
building away from the coast, moving municipal buildings
and commercial enterprises inland.

As most cities are constantly under construction, there is
nothing to debate other than site.  Sea levels will not
rise overnight.

Flooding only takes those who are unfamiliar with history
by surprise.  Ancient maps reveal rivers which no longer
exist, flood plains which have been ignored. Building in
a ‘dry’ river bed is worse than building on sand. Yet,
without thought, many cities have been expanded into flood
plains and lo and behold are flooded when there are unusually
heavy rains.

Attempting to prevent rivers from overflowing their banks
when there is a heavy rain is certain disaster.  Moving
the cities from the flood plain is the only solution.

Ancient cities were not merely placed on hills to better
view enemies, but to prevent flooding.

In North America, many cities were established during the
mini-ice age, between 1640 – 1850.  During this period,
where roaring rivers became ice skating rinks, there was no
comprehension of climate change.

Those who may have known of the Vikings arrival in ‘Vinland’
either dismissed it as a myth or never extrapolated that if
grapes had grown in Canada then the temperatures must have
been that much higher…not for a season or a decade, but
for hundreds of years.

The errors made by North America’s early European settlers
should not be enshrined.  They did not know better, we do.

As temperate regions warm, one moves north.  Land which was
not suitable for farming will become so, and there is no
reason for fear.  More tropical crops can be grown at
latitudes which were previously too cold, temperature crops
will grown in what was tundra.

Just as early humanoids migrated from Africa to Europe, to
North Europe, and just as they retreated when the Earth
cooled, so too will we.

We are experiencing an utterly natural process. We need to
confront it without fear and with the understanding that
it’s sure better than global cooling.


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