Taurus and Scorpio Love Compatibility – Taureans and Scorpios Relationship Analysis

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This is likely to be a passionate, powerful and private romance. It will be as if you need no-one else in the world but each other. Your Scorpio partner has very strong emotions and it is rare that he or she will share their innermost secrets. When they share them with you, it’s important that you respect their need for privacy. Scorpio needs to trust you as they trust no other.

Taurus Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

 Physically, there will be no problems at all in this love-affair. You both have very strong sexual appetites. But I can tell you now that there are many other shared traits that make this a compatible relationship. You are both persistent, determined and you both show some powerful emotions.

However, you’ll have to be careful here. I must advise that neither of you should let these deep emotions develop into jealousy, suspicion or envy. Otherwise you are likely to go through some nasty arguments and there could be quite an eruption and a parting of ways. But, that’s just looking at the really negative side of this romance and as I’ve said, there’s lots going for this relationship too.

Taurus Scorpio Compatibility Astrology

Scorpios are intuitive and sensitive. It is almost as if you meet each other on a spiritual as well as physical level. On the surface, Scorpio is charming and sometimes even playful but underneath is a smouldering, passionate and serious lover. You will find Heaven when you are in your Scorpio’s arms. Scorpio is loving but sometimes possessive and he or she probably has a more complicated personality than you first expected. Your Scorpio lover can be quite secretive but as you grow close to one another, he or she will be willing to share these secrets with you. Just be sure they go no further!

 Scorpio with Taurus in Friendship and Romance

Opposites attract so saying has it and there’s no doubt that you’ll each feel an instant attraction to each other. You might also find that you have a lot to admire in each other. You are a hard working, practical and efficient person. Likewise, your Scorpio partner is very serious about responsibilities. Neither of you likes cutting corners and each of you is a perfectionist at heart.

So, you do share a very similar outlook on life. On top of this both Scorpio and Taurus are the most highly-sexed of all the signs in the zodiac. It goes without saying therefore that physical compatibility is important to each of you and in each of you, you will find it! Yet you can both be so terribly jealous! You must each make an effort to curb this side of your nature because it’s unlikely either of you would ever stray anyway. You’re both too serious about your relationship to ever want to wander. So don’t let that green-eyed monster get in the way and mar a wonderfully ecstatic partnership. Yes, this could be a wonderful relationship just as long as you are careful not to let feelings of resentment or jealousy breed between you.

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