Taurus and Pisces Love Compatibility – Taureans and Pisceans in a Relationship

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You have firm ideas on what you expect in a lover. You have always dreamed of having a constant and loyal companion standing by your side. You’ve never enjoyed the idea of one-night-flings and you find it difficult to understand people who date two or more lovers at a time, or who never sees the same partner, twice. As a Taurean, you take a much more serious view to romance and as you will find out, your Piscean too, is looking for a loving, long-lasting and passionate relationship.

Taurus Pisces Sexual Compatibility

 Pisces is perhaps the most romantic sign of the zodiac. Your partner is loving, sentimental, caring and kind. Sometimes you may find it difficult to understand their sudden swings in emotion but on the whole you will truly enjoy their company.

You need someone you can trust, and in your Piscean you have found that person. For your partner is as flexible as they are loving, and will follow you to the ends of the earth if need be to keep you happy. Devoted and loving, you need look no further to find your ideal mate.

Pisces will be there for you for as long as you want them to be. Pisces cares deeply for you and you feel their love very strongly. You might never feel as loved as you have when you’re with your Piscean because they have so much love and passion to give. Pisces is caring and he or she will share everything with you. Pisces is sensitive and you’ll often get the impression that you don’t need to put your feelings into words. Pisces understands them, anyway. Pisces is a strongly spiritual and intuitive sign and you are intrigued by their sensitivity.

Taurus/Pisces Compatibility as Friends and Lovers

When I compare your two signs I see two caring, compassionate and emotional people. You are people who will be comfortable in each other’s company. You both share a love for art and music. You are both romantic souls at heart and you both need a loyal and loveable companion by your side.

There are so many of your dreams that will be your partner’s dreams. There are so many ideas, plans and hopes for the future that your partner will share with you that you can relate to. Because of this, this is a good combination for a lasting relationship. As well as this, you get on so very well together. You share similar interests. Pisces has similar tastes in music to your own and you could be surprised that they have all the same CD’s that you have. You enjoy reading the same authors, watching the same TV Programmes and doing the same kind of things together.

 If you had the choice, you’d rather spend an evening walking in the park or in the countryside, being close to nature, than going to a nightclub. Likewise, Pisces loves to spend romantic evenings under the stars and walking by the light of the silvery moon. On a physical level you’ll be happy to find that your Piscean will be as demonstrative and passionate as yourself. There’s a strong torrent of emotion stored deep within them and this will find outlet through love and desire and you’ll be only too pleased to be the one on the receiving end.

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