Pisces and Taurus Love Compatibility – Pisceans and Taureans in a Relationship

Sometimes it’s nice to let other people make the decisions for you only, you have to know that you can trust these people. Pisceans don’t always enjoy attending to the practical, mundane affairs of life whereas Taureans positively shine when they attend to such routine matters. Best of all, you’ll find that you can trust and rely on your Taurean lover completely. It will be so wonderful to hand over your bank statements and let them sort out all the figures for you. It’s marvellous to leave it to your Taurean partner to find the best insurance deal when your car needs insuring.

 Pisces/Taurus Compatibility Astrology

 Taurus is such a practical, down-to-earth person to have around. Once you get into this relationship, you’ll wonder how you ever managed, without your Taurean mate. This could be an extremely compatible relationship especially if your Taurean is the male partner. For you are romantic at heart and you prefer your partner to be the one to take the lead. In your Taurean you have someone to look up to.

A strong pair of shoulders to lean on and a person you can depend on through and through. Not only this but this relationship provides the security in life you are both looking for. Which suits each of you down to the ground.

Pisces and Taurus in Friendship and Romance

You have a sensitive nature and you are easily hurt. Because you are so caring and generous, other people tend to take advantage of this loving side of your nature. It could therefore be that you have had a number of difficult relationships in the past. Pisceans love the idea of falling in love and you might have ‘believed’ yourself to be in love with other people, before. However, once you’ve experienced a relationship with a Taurean, you might realise that your past feelings of love were nothing but infatuation. Because this time, you REALLY are in love and your past romances will pale into insignificance.

With a Taurean, you have found your perfect partner. You are a romantic soul at heart and you will happily look to your Taurean lover to take the lead. He or she will provide a good strong pair of shoulders to lean on especially when you are in your dreamy mood and you can’t be bothered to deal with the practicalities of life. Your Taurean’s loving and gentle ways will fulfil many of your romantic ideals. And although he or she can be stubborn, you know just how to get around them!

Pisces and Taurus Brief Relationship Summary

And so, you are a romantic person and you’ll find your partner’s loving and generous ways will fulfil many a romantic ideal. Sometimes you can be more emotional and you can see your partner has difficulties understanding this, but they’ll be prepared to put up with this side of your nature especially when you have so many other good points! In return you’ll put up with your partner’s rather stubborn and possessive ways. Indeed, you don’t really mind feeling as if you belong to someone. It makes you feel as if you have finally found your place in the world!

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