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Tired of facebook,myspace,bebo,hi5 etc , i decided to look for something better and cut me off from regular activities for a while. The results are shown below:-


How about learning through video demonstration :- how to do just about anything.Sounds interesting ? Well it is. If you are serious about acquiring some cutting edge knowledge in the field of “How Tos”,please, log on to this site and enrich your learning space with say ; 1.How to Look Great in Photographs, 2.How to Roast a Perfect Chicken, or 3.How to Jump-Start Your Car…endless list.


Howcast shows  creative, engaging, informative, and free how-to videos for consumers. Astonishing, i must say, to notice these simple “how to”, i have no idea about.Well, i am not here to write a review, but, you may check it yourself.


Based on the principle that, “Style” should be accessible by all people, this website focuses on providing the latest information on style accessible by all people, regardless of budget, age, or personal architecture.On the home page , i could see a question by a reader , regarding ‘”what to wear” in a particular place and a detailed answer by Ms Trisha, a team member. Hats Off to her !


Interestingly, Omiru doesn’t just tell you ,what the fashion trends are but helps you to figure out ,what actually looks good on you.It’s a site, which concentrates on practical fashion advice.See it yourself !


Let us not deny the fact that, most of us need Psychological help, at some point of time in life and it’s so difficult to find out a concerned listener.Right ? Locate “Ask the Therapist” section here for getting answers to your questions about all kinds of topics, ranging from borderline personality disorder to infidelity.


It’s a  online mental health resources ,created and run by mental health professionals to guarantee reliable and  trusted information,helping reduce the stigma associated with mental health concerns and reach out to those ,who need help in maintaining emotional health.A must for all !

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