SavitaBhabhi: Are you also there to save her?

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It’s about the fantasy of a normal lady, who is very adventurous and it seems that she always looking for fun in life. Yes, I am talking about well known cartoon porn star, Savita Bhabhi. Who has become a talking topic in Indian media, especially in print and online media.

So, Indian Media is flooded with articles about the Savita Bhabhi. I don’t know why but suddenly Indian print and web media has come up to save a porn site. I am not here to defend porn or importance of porn in modern world. but I am curious about the reason of banning such site.

Indian Government has banned this site and is now not available, by just typing the URL and URL bar. But what the benefit, the savers or lovers of this site has come up and told all the possible ways to see this cartoon porn site without much problem. They also have started a website to save savita, naming save savita dot com. At this site any Savita Bhabhi fan can find address of proxy server to reach the site of their favorite character.

Just banning a site I don’t think is the way to stop porn, where porn megzines and other material is easily available in the market on print or at web medium.

One can see and buy all these things easily. And internet is flooded with these sites, which are more explicit than this one.  Government should think and follow other ways to bar porn, but I know it is not possible.


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