Is the Lemonade Diet Safe?

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Is the Lemonade Diet Safe? I was on the lemonade at least 5 times in the past two years, so I think it’s safer, but an experience of rejuvenation. But why take my word when you can easily find evidence of its amazing benefits to any person who has committed to this issue.
nThe Lemonade Diet has a long history of over 50 years and ten, and thousands of users around the world. Some felt that the Lemonade fashion food is totally false. How can it be a power supply for its long history?
nThe lemonade diet is safe. It is the only cleansing diet has been recognized by many health professionals in the world.
nin 2007, Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of the Discovery Channel show The Truth About Food, appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss plans for detoxification. He indicated that the diet is very successful Lemonade in the psychological preparation of an individual or for a weight loss program. People starting a system with a process of detoxification are more likely to stick to their diets and lose weight
Clinical nMayo Gastroenterologist Michael Picco, MD, reports that the benefits of food such as the Master Cleanse include increased levels of energy, focus, and sense of lightness. The caloric restriction required by most detoxification schemes also led to a greater psychological state, where you feel happy or “high”.
nMany health professionals believe that the lemonade diet is safe and has many health benefits such as detoxification and weight loss. It removes the body of deadly toxins, which gives you more energy in 10 short days.
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