Is There Such Thing as Tattoo Allergy

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The trend of having a tattoo is very popular and known to some extent today. It is thought to be a cool way to express themselves through the display of art through the body. Most people have no problems or side effects after having a tattoo, but they are small percentage that some people may develop a kind of allergic reaction. This allergic reaction is mainly caused by the ink used.

In the past, the tattoo ink used mercury as a substance, but is now declining because of its harmful effect. Tattoo artist rarely read or take note of the ingredients in the ink that they will use to draw a tattoo. Many brands of ink tattoo ink now contains ingredients such as nickel, cadmium and chromium, one of the main ingredients. These substances exist in some of the jewelry and if you have a reaction to all your jewelry, you could probably get the chance to experience an allergic reaction to a tattoo as well.

Those who suffer from allergy tattoo need to know that the symptoms are not present yet. It May take a couple of months or even years for some people develop reactions such as redness or rash inflamed. A skin patch test can not really help to detect allergies before getting a tattoo.

For those who suffer from this allergy, they may develop symptoms such as itching and even raised bumpy areas on some of their tattoo, after a period of time. These reactions may be triggered by hot weather. They may have a slight swelling of the skin due to the heat of the weather and therefore affect the tattoo. If you feel itching or swelling and even redness on the skin during hot day, it is like a tattoo because of the allergy.

For the reaction of relief clearly tattoo allergy, anti allergy cream can be applied over the area causing irritation. Antibiotic ointment or hydrocortisone creams may also be useful to relieve irritation. Anyway, if no signs of healing or even still shows symptoms after using any of the relief, it is advisable to seek help from a dermatologist to better manage requirements for your tattoo allergies .

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