The Paradox of Writing for Money

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This article is not to put you off. On the contrary, it is to encourage you to write for the fun of writing, produce quality content, share your knowledge, and to consider it an extra bonus if you earn a few dollars for an ice-cream. Also, Bukisa is a new portal, and their policies as well as popularity can definitely change in the future.

Writing jobs are becoming increasingly popular these days. Unfortunately, the demand of content is much smaller than the offer, which makes it nearly impossible to earn real income. Exception is made for journalists and experts: apply to your local newspaper, or to

Let’s address specifically Bukisa writers and the most popular content. Only a handful of articles reach 10000 views in total (30$), and those are talking about… writing on Bukisa! An extremely popular article introduces 10 Online Publishers That Want To Pay You to Write. Who are the viewers? The same Bukisa writers that want to make money. Who suffers mostly in this scheme? Again, the same writers, that spend endless hours on
writing and marketing, earning only a few dollars.

Is everything that bad? Not at all! An excellent article on Freakiest and Weirdest Froggy Frog Frogs has 54000 views! The very practical topics are on high demand, too. For example, articles on health and beauty are warmly embraced: an article on Chakra Healing has gained 20000 views. At the end, insightful, rich content does matter. The true expertise wins, and that is what makes websites like Bukisa valuable.


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