Meditation Retreats: -Symptoms of an Abnormally Normal Mind

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Normally the mind is like a monkey jumping from the branch of a mango tree in a guava tree and then a tree. Well, such an orchard that exists in the minds of us all. There are related reflections, without thoughts, thoughts coherent, thoughts incoherent reflections necessary, thoughts unnecessary. Strange are the raison d’être and futile wanderings of the mind, strange reasons, the parts are converted into useful vain. It is difficult to agree with a philosopher who said that human beings are not the same 20% of their minds, I think the figure should be 5%! if you want to know more read the thoughts of meditation books.
Voluntary and involuntary inMeditation center Thoughts
There are thoughts that you want to have in the present moment, or thoughts that have immediate relevance consistent with the ongoing process of reflection. These reflections will be called voluntary thoughts. And there are ideas that are inconsistent or no voluntary connection with your thoughts. They will be called involuntary thoughts. They are either on the past or future.
You listen to your music and suddenly you hear your neighbor’s dog barking. This raises a series of reflections on the bark of a dog, your relationship with your neighbor, your past, duels, etc.. You are now involuntarily lost your neighbor and his dog instead of voluntarily listening to the music. Your mind to invent May-hundred and one reasons to support your stroll, but the fact is that you are closely bound by the chains of your past or future. Where are the chains of the past, the future chain shackle, you too, and vice versa.
The spirit usually tries to escape life in the moment. Because of the dynamics of the past, he begins to worry about the future or ruminate about the past and does everything to bring you presents.
Normally, the thinker ideas are not aware of their presence. When thoughts are present, the awareness of their presence is lost, when the conscience is awakened, the thoughts disappear in it. Several times, loss of consciousness occurs as memory loss and inability to recover consciousness. Even trying to remember the past, thoughts, we do not know that this process is underway.
Normally, the first foreign thought, which leads to a chain of coherent and incoherent thoughts, linked to a feeling of incompleteness, insecurity and unrest. The absence of something, or just said, the feeling of lacking something, gives rise to attachment and denial, and do not love, desire and aversion, happiness and misery, senior and low and all the dualities. They are not objects, but a natural hollow in the minds of items needing to fill it at the root of both, the irrational feelings. This natural cavity lies behind almost all the early reflections.
Normally, its grip on the dualities mentioned above is too strong to be softened by an argument, especially in the long term. The mind has a strange kind of forgetting everything that rationally tries to fill its empty. He does not want to renounce the insecurity and incomplete indoor environment, he created for himself for some bizarre and strange reasons, sometimes for reasons not at all! Read more thoughts meditation retreat
Normally, the spirit suffers from episodes of high and low in rationality and emotions. Not only for a short period of time, say one day, but over a longer period, the spirit suffers from fatigue, inertia, depression and boredom, followed by their opposite positive qualities.
Normally, the mind does not understand that she still lives in the thoughts of the objects and not in the objects themselves. He has a strange quirk he thinks he lives in the objects and not in the thoughts of those objects. This is the vacuum that the culprit is innate. The feeling of insecurity and incompleteness is so severe that it completely clear envelope.
Normally, the others are thinking about the past or the future, with no immediate reason to be there in spirit. Even the immediate perception tie strings around the past and future.

Throughout these seven points on the nature of the mind above, the most important word used is “normally”. The normally and abnormally normal abnormal qualities of the mind should not be taken as capital assets (or liabilities) that we have somehow to tolerate because we have in us, we have no other choice. If we were still dealing with these “normal”, there would be no such things as meditation, or the elevation of the spirit in the center of our meditation retreat in India The normal must be normal and abnormal abnormal. All the negative traits may be rejected and all positive habits can be acquired. The only requirement is sincerity and tireless diligence to achieve a transformation of the mind. By regular practice, it is possible to achieve a state of mind when you are fully aware of all thoughts and all actions taken online courseand meditation to see.

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