How To Build A Rabid List Of Opt-In Subscribers

Your subscribers sign up for a specific reason. They are hungry for the information you offer. If it does not meet their expectations, they either won’t subscribe in the first place or they will soon unsubscribe.

Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to address both of these scenarios simply by knowing your audience and giving them what they want. Offer the ideal content and you will see new subscribers signing up every day and current ones taking action on the messages you send them.

As you know, this can mean easy money for you when you entice them with a product that feeds their interests.

First and foremost, you want to build a targeted list that serves a targeted market. If you want to attract tomato gardeners, make sure you offer tips that will help them to grow tomatoes. Once you drift from that focus, perhaps by sending them offers on how to maintain a fantastic lawn, you will lose them.

Your next challenge is to attract those targeted subscribers. One excellent method is to give them valuable information they can use right away, perhaps a report on secret fertilizing methods top tomato growers use. Put your free offer in front of them, and they’d have a hard time resisting such an appetizing report.

It all comes down to knowing your target market. Get inside their heads, hang out where they hang out, and share your knowledge with them. You can do that by participating in forums that are dedicated to that market. Find a gardening forum, respond to queries and posts, and take timely opportunities to direct them to your opt-in page where they can grab your free report.

Once you have them on your list, be sure to provide them with more relevant tips on tomato gardening.

You will use this opportunity to gain their trust and build a relationship with them. As that relationship grows, start interjecting messages that contain special offers. If you have your own product on tomato gardening, send them a promotional email directing them to the order page.

If you do not have your own product, you can let them know about a gardening-related affiliate product of which you are a member. Send them your affiliate link in a well-worded friendly message that pre-sells the product.

It is important to alternate free valuable content with your promotional emails. Too many promotions and your subscribers will begin to view you as just another marketer eyeing their pocketbooks.

Social marketing is another way to attract targeted subscribers. Visit blogs that discuss your topic, add a brief comment on related posts, and include a link to your opt in page. Because the blogs are feeding information to their target audience, you can benefit from their promotional efforts and their visitors.

There are many ways to build a rabid list, but these will get you started. 


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