Earning an Income vs. Pursuing your Dream

Very early in life, not even before you reach your twenties, you need to make a very significant, life-defining decision in your life and it is one asked by just about any professional today some decades back. This one question that defines your future is “what course should I pursue in college?” Although there is always the option to shift, or even take multiple majors later on, you would still have to make the call, and of course, you would want to be as focused as possible, in the earliest possible time. Deciding on a course and sticking on it will also look better in your curriculum vitae, as compared to a curriculum vitae that shows too many items under the heading “educational background”. Some employers might even consider it a sign of indecisiveness and of course, indecisiveness is one trait employers do not want in their potential employees.

For some people, there are what we call “lifelong dreams” and these are the types of dreams that they have always wanted since they were young, and they have never outgrown it. For example, a little girl named Lizzie wanted to be a ballerina since she was 2, having seen a movie of some Disney on Ice featuring Snow White and Cinderella. So her parents enrolled her in ballet school and her love for ballet did not just become her hobby, it was her fashion and eventually became her career. For young boys, they usually dream of being somebody who handles big tools, big equipment or guns.

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