How to make your computer run faster by using DISK DEFRAGMENTER.

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How are you everybody, please just look back and remember when we have loot of thing to do with our computer sometime our computer look like no energy at all and we have to wait so long even just to open microsoft office word which we will use to make our home work or some other program and software.

Now I will show you all how to do it.

Step 1.


Step 2.

When DISK DEFRAGMENTER window open just chose one of your drive and click analyze first, just to make sure if your drive need defragmented.

Step 3.

Just wait for a moment till DISK DEFRAGMENTER check your drive and will tell you, you need or don’t need to DEFRAGMENTER. If the result you have to, just click DEFRAGMENTER if not just close it.

Step 4.

Wait for a moment and you done your job. Repeat again step 1 till 3 for your other drive. You also can pause your DISK DEFRAGMENTER if you want to work something else.

Ok. Now we can little bit have air to breath cause for sometime our computer run vary smooth and faster than ever. Next time I will show you how to make our computer run faster without other software which we call it SYSTEM MECHANIC work for all systems also for windows system. See you have a try and good luck.


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