What Parents Should Know….

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Parents are faced with a lot of things lately. Some of them have to do with, what kind of equipment should I apply for my child? Will my child benefit from such usage of equipment?

I understand your fears, believe me I  used to worked as a Telecommunication Specialist for the State of NC. Let me tell you, it is no easy task trying to figure out what is best for your child. I know many, many parents want what is best for their children. with so many new technologies popping up. It is hard to choose which is appropriate.

Well first of all Let me explain what TEDP means.

For many states use this term. TEDP means, Telecommunication Equipment Distribution Program. Some state may simply call theirs Equipment Distribution Program or EDP. or depending on which state you live in.

TEDP is basically a state funded program that provides equipment free of charge to their clients/consumers. But, howeve be warned, some states have a restriction as to how you may apply for your program’s equipment distribution program.

For instance, NC in order to qualify you have to be a resident of the State of NC. Must show proof of your residency. Then there must be proof of income and how many people live within your household. Now this is a lot of work, why? because States want to make sure that there are no frauds out there. Equipment is intended to aide and help the Deaf/Deaf-blind/ Hard of Hearing/Speech Impaired have a better chance with communiction access.

What should Parents Do?

1. Check you local State’s Relay Program or State Commission on Deafness.

2. Read what your state’s requirements are for your TEDP program.

            a. how long are equipment is on “loan” for

             b. is there a warranty on the equipment should it malfunction?

3. Have  specialist come to your home or place of meeting to train you on the equipment.

What should Nonprofits do?

* if you are a member of a non-profit organization that serves the deaf and hard of hearing population

  • hold workshops on your state’s program.
  • provide brochures about what services that are available.
  • Do a lot of outreach services to areas that are normally overlooked.

Most of all, do your research about what is out there on the market. There are many types of Videophones for the Deaf. Everyone is very well versed with Sorenson Communications. They provide a videophone free to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.


Here is a list of videophones for the deaf.

1. Sorenson videophone 200

2. Purple Communications- MVP (mobile videophone)

3. D-link

4. CSDVRS- Z VRS Videophones

Web cam/Videophones

Think of your laptops as a mobile unit. It is also a videophone, if your laptop has an intergrated webcam. Your instant message accounts allow you to show video pictures through your webcam.

is one site that functions similar to MVP, it is called OOVOO.

Just make sure you check out these things. Yes it sounds good and enticing. Make sure you are shopping wisely, like you are shopping for a pair of new shoes.


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