TV As A Friend

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TV as a friend, never! A fun entertainment. Sure! Your favorite TV shows, can make you feel as comfortable, as being with your best friend. If a friend stayed, by your side for too long, people may say that your friend, is over staying their welcome. TV should be considered in the same way.

Think of things you love to do. Maybe you enjoy reading, or going skating with your friends. Now! Think about doing this most of your waking hours, besides eating, and sleeping. You know it wouldn’t look as good to you any more.

TV. needs to be thought of as only a pastime, never a control of the minds. When people let TV. become more than a pastime, serious repercussions may happen. Examples are:

* Headaches!

* Irritability, and fatigue!

* Sleeplessness!

* Forget to do household chores.

* Become isolated from other family members.

* Forgetting about keep, or making a real friend.

TV can be entertaining, and full of educated topics to explore. The key, to not letting TV become your friend, is actually by calling your friends, and spending quality time with them. People talk to you, and you talk to them. TVs can’t do that. Keep your friends always answering you back. When people get lost in their own sorry worlds, and think their TV is their friend, sad situations will happen.

Right is right, and wrong is wrong. The right way to enjoy TV is by making sure, other members of your family are included, however only in moderation. The wrong way, to think, is by actually thinking TV. is your friend.

Keep the word TV and friend in its own separate categories:

* A friend is a companion.

* TV is a pastime.

Many things can be learned from watching television. Friends help us make memories. TV. can be another rainy day activity. TV can give us information about the world. It can help our children learn to find different ways to sing their ABCs. TV should never become a child’s friend. Children with disabilities tend to try to make TV their friend. This needs to be discouraged, when a parent feels this to be their child’s only interest.

Adults tend to make TV their only interest after returning home from work. Some adults hate their jobs, and feel hours of acceptance through watching television. This again is where TV watching needs modifying.

Children need to play outdoors, and invite friends over to play outside. Children need to color, and draw. Then when their real friends go home, and dinner is served, talks about the day will be grand.

Never let your TV steal friendship from your heart.


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