How to exude confidence even when you are not.

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We have all experienced times when we felt insecure about something and for some of us it happens too often. Are you one of those people who is afraid to go back the store and get that price adjustment you know you are entitled to? Maybe you dread making a phone call that you know needs to be made? Are you running so late that you would rather not go than walk in as the last person to arrive? It is all mind over matter, and YOU have total control over your mind! People who know me would say I have more confidence than most people they have met…but I have also had my moments of feeling small. The one thing you always need to remember is that others are just every day people like you. They eat and sleep, go to the bathroom, fart, burp, laugh, cry, and struggle sometimes just like you! No one will ever think of you and attend to your needs more than you. You have to be the one feed yourself, clean yourself, and protect yourself. When you were a child, hopefully there was someone who took good care of you. As an adult, you should have been given the tools needed to sustain your own needs. If nothing else you have a voice.


If this is still a very difficult situation for you to handle, use your memories to help you along.


Think of a time that made you feel good about yourself. Did someone tell you how wonderful you were or that you did something better than anyone else? Was there a time when you were surprised at how you impressed someone else? Every time you interact with another person is a chance for you to make an impression. First impressions are only meaningful to people not secure enough in themselves to look deeper into someone else. You have control over what people think about you. You can make people see you in way you choose. Comedians are some of the most insecure and troubled people in the world, and yet, they get on a stage in front of sometimes millions to make us react the way they want. You cannot ever keep the good things about you hidden because you fear someone may see something you don’t like about yourself first. There are people who know you, love you, and admire you. When you allow others to see that you know what your worth is you can never be denied respect. Of course people will be jealous of your confidence, but when you feel you are being belittled remind yourself of that. Don’t react negatively, just smile. YOU are worth it!


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