Size Does Matter

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Since the age of fourteen, (save during my pregnancies)
I have weighed between 90 and 100 pounds.

I have always worn a size 5/6 jeans. 
That is, until recently.

A few years ago I found the 5 too big and went to a
3 which fit fine. My old size 5 still fit close, and I
assumed shrinkage.

Last week I had to buy size 0.  At first I couldn’t
believe I had ‘lost’ so much weight, but when I took
them home and compared, they fit no closer than
my favourite old 5.

So here it is, a size 5/6 jeans purchased some years
ago, sliding on as close as this brand new size 0.

A friend of mine, who had gained quite a bit of weight,
and had a butt that could knock over furniture, was
pulling on a size 10.

Now a size 10, a few years ago, could not have gotten
over one of her thighs. At that point it became clear
to me, the numbering of of sizes had changed.

I am six sizes smaller this year than I was four
years ago, because the manufacturers have changed
the labels.

Faced with an enormously fat American population, having
to make extra-jacunda sizes that would make the over eaters
feel even worse about themselves, manufacturers have been
quietly ‘resizing’ so that the gal who should be squeezing
into a 16/17 can slip into a size 10.

I now need an ‘xs’ (extra small) blouse while my pudgy friend
is squeezing into a ‘s’ (small) I can wear as a dress.

I still have a collection of ‘medium’ blouses which fit
quite tightly, for when I bought them, ‘small’ was far
too tight.

I stare at my friend who couldn’t squeeze into a size nine
dress, slipping into a ‘small’ blouse.

The joke is on the public. 

Women who are obese are made to think they are not ‘that’
fat because manufacturers have simply relabeled.

Hence, Pudgy who used to wear a size five, was still
wearing a size five as the pounds larded on, and slowly
moved to a 7/8, now a 9/10, thinking she hasn’t gained
that much, after all, she’s only two sizes larger now
than she was.

They’ve turned 30s into 22s, Large into Small, making those
of us who had comfortably worn 5 feel we are anorexic as we
pull on that ‘0’.

Sorry to say ladies, you haven’t lost a pound and calling
a size ’16’ a ’10’ is a trick.


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