Is This A Bargain

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A Bargain , contrary to Webster, is when you intend to buy
something and when you reach the place where it is sold,
it just so happens to be on sale.

It is no bargain when you buy something you didn’t plan on,
to get a free item you probably don’t need.

It is no bargain when you have to wait on line up for hours,
when you could be doing something enjoyable, then shove and
push to buy some mass produced item you could have gotten
over the Internet.

At the supermarket, a female in rather tight clothing
is offering some product you neither use nor want with
the wonderful news that if you buy two you get a free

By not buying you save.

On occasion a product which is not moving will be the subject
of a sale.  Unless you’re vigilant you will find that last week
it was offered at X dollars, this week it is 50% off, and the
price is X dollars, because the proprietor changed the tags
making it seem that last week it sold for 2X .

Having Internet access means you can check on line and get
the best price, often far cheaper than this ‘sale’.

Many companies offer ‘free gifts’ of worthless junk which
makes you believe that you are actually getting something
for nothing.

Sometimes a company over prices its goods or services and
then tells you that for every unit you buy you get a free unit.

Other times a company will buy in bulk, so that they pay

half price for an object which they will give to you ‘free ‘ if
you sign up for their overpriced service.

You think; “Oh this is a real bargain because that item
sells for 2x!”
Not realising, that the overpriced service
means you actually paid 3x for the item the company paid
1x for.

Before you race to any venue to buy anything, do the math.
Know that every ‘list price’ is an over estimate and that
the company paid about 1/5th of that for it, so has a lot
of ‘discounts’ it can give.

True bargains are as I said in the first paragraph, when
something you intend to buy, expecting to pay X for is
reduced to less than X.


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