What I Use Mobilization of Joints and Postizometrical Relaxation for

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Mobilization of joints is a manual technique that extends the joint surface and the capsule and ligaments of joints.

It can be applied for every joint in the body.

I have applied it for joint of the wrist, palm and fingers for arthrosis of these joints.

I applied the mobilization even when I massage the body for whole relax effect.

The same could be done for the joint of the foot too.

Great pain-killer effect of the mobilization of the joint of the spine make me apply it every time I make massage for people with back pain.

I’ve applied it for pain in hip joint.

Mobilization of joints improves the movement of joints and the quality of life of the treated persons.  

Postizometrical relaxation is very fast pain relieving method for muscles and ligaments.

I apply this method for periarthritis of humeral joint. This was my first contact with this perfect technique.

I apply it for neck stiffness too with very well result. The effect is not right away. The patient feel better relieve the day after procedure and the effect is continuous and prolongs several days after procedure.

The postizometrial relaxation gives good effect for low back pain, applied couple days in a roll with lasting effect. My patient has not had complains for 2 years.

I use it for elbow pain – epicondilitis. The effect is more durable if the patient takes rest for several days – not using computer or other activites.

I use it for cramps of the back part of calf.

People even can be thought in auto-relaxation and they can apply the technique by themselves.


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