What I use acupressure and manual therapy for

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Acupressure is huge knowledge which has been alive for thousand years.

Before years the Chinese cured only with massage techniques of points.

I’ve use acupressure for headache mainly. There are a lot of points of the head which heal different types of headache.

I use acupressure for different types and places of pain – cramps of calf, shoulder pain, elbow pain, knee pain and ankle pain.

I tried Emotional Freedom Technique, which is acupressure points, for rejecting smoking, but the lady really wanted to smoke and she couldn’t quit it.

For internal problems I’ve used acupressure for stomach pain, gas in the abdomen, very active bowels.

I’ve applied acupressure for Immune deficiency in certain points.

Acupressure is good method for intercostals neuralgia with perfect result.

I treated my mom for her heart problems.

My first contact with manual therapy was so incidentally, but very helpful.

My mom works in a library and I love to go there to see the medical books which she picks up form the bookstore and usually I take from home about medical 10 books which I don’t read right away and just have a glance at them. And I always have books from the library at home.

One day my mom complained that she couldn’t move her shoulder at all. I remembered that I have a popular, mot specialized book for Manual therapy. I opened it and I found manual techniques for shoulder and I started to apply them for my mom’s shoulder. I repeated the techniques 3 times and next day my mom was better and for 3-4 days she had had no complains.

After that I continued reading such book and doing therapy for people with different disorders.

My next was one of my neighbors. She suffered of discus hernia and for 3 days she was a bit better.

I heal also back pain, elbow pain, neck pain.

People with headache react very well to Manual therapy.


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