Madden NFL 10 Green Bay Packers Player Ratings

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I have to say that after looking through the Madden NFL 10 Green Bay Packers player ratings they seem to be one of the more balanced teams on the game. I’m not just saying that trying to suck up to any of the fans reading at home. This year the producers at EA Sports changed the rating scale around lowering a ton of players on the game in order to make them have to improve to reach a high level.

So what are some of the Madden NFL 10 Green Bay Packers player ratings on the game? Well for starters we will talk some about the offensive side of the ball where the team has been interesting for some time with both Brett Favre and Aaron Rogers at the helm. Quarterback Aaron Rogers is a 86 overall which is pretty good on this year’s version. The one that came as a surprise to me is that Ryan Grant was actually rated a 85 which is very high in my opinion considering what he done last year. Then Greg Jennings who is really good got a 90 overall which is very high for a receiver.

So what about the defensive side of the ball in terms of Madden NFL 10 Green Bay Packers player ratings? Well here all of the strength is in the secondary where 3 of the starters are in the 90s. That is the good news for the Green Bay Packers defense on Madden NFL 10. The player ratings for the defensive linemen is the bad news because the starters average out to being about a 78 or something along those lines.


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