Madden NFL 10 Minnesota Vikings Player Ratings

Here today we are gonna discuss some of the more interesting and important Madden NFL 10 Minnesota Vikings player ratings on the upcoming game release. Every year this topic sparks a big matter of debate because these Madden NFL 10 player ratings have become commonly used by gamers and sports fans alike to gauge the production of their famous players. I mean after all the people at EA sports supposedly put so much time into studying the game that they should know to put a young upcoming star at a higher spot than a 38-year old on the verge of retirement.

I think the big question when talking about these Madden NFL 10 Minnesota Vikings player ratings is the quarterback position. On the game none of the Minnesota Vikings quarterbacks are rated higher than a 69 and that’s Sage Rosenfels. Of course if Brett Favre does end up on the roster then something will have to be figured out by everyone looking to use him on the game.

Okay so let’s talk about some of the good and bad in terms of Madden NFL 10 Minnesota Vikings player ratings. The good news is that Adrian Peterson, Steve Hutchinson, Bryant McKinnie and 3 of the defensive linemen are all in the 90s in terms of overall rating. The bad news is that 12 of the starters are rated a 78 or lower which is kinda rough but in line with the new system on this year’s version of Madden NFL 10 Minnesota Vikings players ratings.

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