Wheatgrass and it’s numerous health benefits!!!!!

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Wheatgrass, which is a nature’s gift to mankind, is considered indispensable by many Naturopaths in naturopathy diets. Wheatgrass contains 70% of chlorophyll. There is amazing similarity between the molecular structure of ‘hemin’ contained in human blood and chlorophyll. The only difference is that in chlorophyll, magnesium is at centre of molecule instead of iron which is present in “hemin”. Hence chlorophyll is called ‘green blood’. The magnesium obtained from chlorophyll is beneficial to about 30 enzymes in our body. Wheatgrass also maintains alkaline PH of our blood, due to which we become less prone to infections and also keeps our organs like kidney, liver, etc in healthy condition.

It consists of many beneficial nutrients some of which are:

*Vitamins: A, B, C, E, etc

*Proteins and Amino acids including 9 Essential Amino acids


*Minerals like Calcium, Iron, Sodium, Potassium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, etc

*Chlorophyll and Dietary Fiber.

Some of its health benefits are:

*Helps overcome Nutritional deficiency.

*Natural Antioxidant.

*Helps in blood purification and to balance Hemoglobin production.

*helps resolve constipation, acidity.

*Useful in Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and kidney Malfunction, Arthritis, Insomnia, Menstrual problems, Paralysis, Asthma, Etc.

*helps improve immunity.

*Benefits the body cells, glands and important organs like Liver, Lungs, Spleen, etc.

*very effective for weight loss.


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