How to pick the right talent build for your World of Warcraft Hunter

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The Survival talent tree, you will find this talent build to be more for traps and melee combat. The counter attack ability is pretty good considering the other talent tree. The overall all talent build is good for the sniping ability and black arrow. However, that’s all that the build is good for.

The beast mastery talent path, This talent is the 2nd best of course. The taming of exotic beast is real nice. The exotic beast you find in the game can be tamed when you complete the talent tree. The talents path here is basically for those that want to rely on the pet. You can rely on this one for PVE and a little bit of PVP. Not as good as marksmanship talent build.

Now, for the talent tree that’s the best for any Hunter class, that would be marksmanship. The talent build provides excellent DPS and critical strikes. The improvement on stings helps your shots. The build helps improve the conclusion shot and gives you true aura, which adds 10% damage increase. The talent tree is perfect for PVP and PVE. You will be surprised with the damages you will make with this talent build.   

The talent builds for you should be the marksmanship if you want to deliver the most damages, However your pet does get some DPS from this. Such as the chances of critical hits for the pet, when you provide critical hits. You will find that the talent build to give you some very hard hiting attacks. The steady shot also gives more attack when the enemy is stund. Range is always a good thing to people that pvp this makes killing mages, warlocks, shaman and druids easy targets. Unfortunity those pesty palidans and death knights can still kill you easy. Thats why its best to find a team that can help you with melee and healing.


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