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If you have a passion’ for reading or writing, then you are emotionally charged up for reading or writing. Perhaps you are not sure about the link between your passion’ for reading or writing and the emotion’. Then you have to know something more about emotion’.

Emotion is a mental state that arises spontaneously rather than through conscious efforts and it is often accompanied by physical challenges; Emotion is a kind of feeling and in its worst form of expression, it is a state of mental agitation or disturbance.

Human have emotions due to variety of causes. Emotion is a perceptual stimulus for which you have evolved a specific response. For example a sudden loud noise that startles you, creates an emotion in you. Similarly, if somebody attacks you with a club you feel terribly painful, creating yet another emotion in you. Mere thoughts about events and situations can create emotions in you, what you call nostalgic about something. When you recall the death of your dearest ones, say your mother, father and your lover etc, you are moved, becomes terribly sad and filled with a sense of loneliness.

Therefore emotions emanate from you, in the real life context. Some of the emotions that we often come across are happiness, anger, love, confidence, anxiety, relaxed and stress. But each of these emotions arises in you under different contexts and circumstances. When you fall in love or when your child is born, you have a feeling of love and affection. When somebody scolds you in a filthy language, you are filled with anger. When you are waiting for the results of an examination, you are with full of anxiety. When you have a heavy work burden in your office and you have no rest, you have a feeling of stress. When you come out successful in a competitive examination, you are elated and you become relaxed.

Emotions can be classified into two categories, positive and negative. Some of the positive emotions that we often come across are adequate, capable, comfortable, determined, enthusiastic, elated, glad, hopeful, joyful, humorous, empathy, excellence, interested, able, thrilled, relaxed and sympathy. All these emotions have been put into positive category because they evoke positive reactions in you leading to positive results. If you are enthusiastic about what you are doing you are bound to produce a good result.If you sympathize with a genuinely deserving person, you help him or encourage him or guide him or her to do something constructive. If you are interested in anything you are motivated. For example, if you are interested in reading or writing, you are motivated to become a writer and take all necessary steps in the right direction. Therefore positive emotions produce positive and constructive results in you. Being humorous not only keep you in good stead but also helps others to remain happy.

Therefore, positive emotions are necessary for the human beings to evoke positive results and keep them happy.

Whereas, there are some other emotions like annoyed, anger, tired, confused, lonely, remorse, shocked, weary, guilty, embarrassment, panic, used, sad, envy, greed, bored, doubtful, hostile, miserable, mad, revenge, depressed and competitive etc. All these emotions are negative since they create negative results for the human beings. Some of these emotions like tired, lonely, weary and sad etc mostly affect human beings individually and affect the concerned persons only. But emotions like anger, annoyed, greed, hostile, revenge and competitive etc not only affect you but also evoke violent reactions from you that affect others. Out of anger or a feeling of revenge, you may attack a person causing mental agony and physical injuries to him. Therefore, negative emotions are dangerous because it not only affects the concerned person but also result in cyclic reactions affecting others. The best example is the act of terrorism. Goaded by the emotion called revenge, the terrorists not only embark upon a violent path of terrorism endangering themselves as well as the society.

But emotions like love, revenge and depression have become the fertile source of imagination for the writers to embark upon a career of fiction writing.

Now the moot question is can human beings avoid being emotional. A human being without emotions is almost dead. As long as human beings remain emotional, civilization grows and progresses. If a business man does not remain competitive in his business, he can not thrive or survive in it. If a student is not interested in his studies, he cannot complete his graduation or learn anything in life. Therefore positive emotions are necessarily required for the progress of the human beings. Some elements of negative emotions like anger, envy and remorse also necessary for the human beings without which our life will be dull and boring. But we should see that our emotions are controlled lest they will cause devastating effects in their worst manifestation.

We have to necessarily control our emotions in the modern days context lest they will injure our health causing blood pressure, heart ailment etc.

Therefore, we should have a sense of proportions and have a balancing act as far as our emotions are concerned.

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