Stream Movies to your Xbox 360 using Windows Media Player 12

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  1. Open Windows Media Player 12, click “File” mouse over “Manage Libraries” and then select what type of media you want to manage.  For instance, if you want to stream movies, you will select the “Videos” library.
  2. Add the folder or drive that the media is stored in.  You can also remove the default folders if you do not plan to actually use them.  Click “Add…” to add folders.  After you have added the folder or folders of your choice, click “OK”.  Do this for all the media you wish to stream to your Xbox 360.
  3. After you have specified the location of your media, click the “Stream” menu in between “Organize” and “Create Playlist”.  Select “Automatically allow devices to play my media…”.
  4. Click the “Stream” menu again and select “More streaming options…”
  5. The “Media streaming options” Window should now be shown.  Name your media library if you want.  In the device box, there should be “Xbox 360” listed.  Select “Customize”.
  6. Check the box that says “Make all of the media in my library available to this device”.  Then click “OK”.Click “OK” in the “Media streaming options” window and you’re finished.

After your media has been shared, navigate to your Xbox 360 dashboard.  Select “My Xbox” and then select “Video Library”.  Your media should be listed under your computers name.  Select the computer name and then choose the correct folder.  It should not be much different from navigating Windows Explorer.  After doing all of the above actions, you should be able to stream all the media that is shared on your computer with your Xbox 360.


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