How to Choose the Right Freelance Job For You

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Freelancing online has certainly received heightened interest in recent times. Probably due to the fact that land-based jobs are not that many nowadays. People are looking for alternate sources of income and what can be better than earning while at home, right?

I would hazard a bold statement that freelancing is for anyone. Or perhaps a better way to say it is, “there’s a freelance job for everyone”. And I believe this is true. The key, however, is finding that right freelance job for you.

Whether you are a web developer, a writer, an accountant, a lawyer, an engineer, a typist – anything! – there seems to be a freelance job begging to be taken. Employers have acknowledged the wealth of providers that can be found online and with the thousands of jobs I see posted on different freelancing sites sometimes make me think if there really is a recession happening!

So, just how do you choose the right freelance job for you? Here are some tips:

  1. Be very brutal about your self-assessment. Identify the things you are good at, and identify those you cannot do. Don’t kid yourself, however, and to be doubly sure, check if you have received recognitions (whether formal or informal) for the things you claim you are good at. Apply only to jobs you are good at.
  2. Remember that reputation is a big factor, just like with land-based jobs. If you haven’t built one yet, don’t demand for many perks or compensation. The added difficulty of freelancing is that you get to deal with a new employer all the time. Having said that, remember to build your reputation for each buyer before demanding things.
  3. Credibility is everything. Make sure that you deliver the things you said you would, at the time you specified. Remember that your buyers are trying to beat a deadline, too, and their business is dependent on it.
  4. Most of all, quality is king. Buyers will probably let a slight delay in the submission, but they will not tolerate an output of poor quality.

Follow these simple steps and you will be on your way towards making it in freelancing.

Happy freelance job hunting!


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